Great experience!”

We had a wonderful experience visiting Israel with the help of Haim Sabag and his staff, who helped us book our hotels. Haim made himself available for questions when we were making our plans to come to Israel. He was very knowledgeable and planned activities for both adults and fun for our kids. We came to Israel to celebrate my son's Bar Mitzvah and we really appreciated that Haim was very flexible to change trips around to work with our schedule. Thank you Haim for an unforgetable trip!

“Heim Sabags knowledge of history and Biblical history was impressive and made this trip very special.”

Definately plan on coming back to this beautiful country. My appreciation of Israel and its people has grown exponentially. Our guide, Heim Sabag was a perfect emmisary for the intelligence and kindness of the Israeli people.

“Unforgettable experience!”

We had an 8 day tour over a 10 day period as guests of our Israeli friends. Haim is knowledgeable on history, both modern and ancient, geography, geology, local eateries, and in particular, how to make the most of limited time. Every day was packed with activities and we had a great introduction to Israel. Haim kept us moving without being pushy. We would highly recommend him!

“#1 Tour guide in Israel”

My husband and I had Israel on our bucket list for years and Haim Sabag was the perfect guide to make that reality a 'dream come true'. My husband is Jewish and I am a protestant and Haim gave us a taste of both worlds with his selection of ruins, churches and historical sites. His knowledge was daunting and it soon became apparent how little we remembered about the historic significance of this small country. We learned a lot by listening to Haim and his explanations about the people and politics of the region. He introduced us to the local cuisine and culture of an area and all accommodations were excellent and within our budget.

“Haim and The Israeli Tour”

Haim Sabag immersed us in a delightful, special and unusual experience. He succeeded in merging the different aspects of Israel into a wonderful vacation. Haim is a true professional with a sense of humor, an understanding of people and a passion for what he does. We received an amazing overview of the land, the people, the history, the religions, the food, nature, the archeology, the beauty of the country & its geography, its past, its present & what the the future may hold for the Israelis. I warmly recommend him and be prepared for additional & extra surprises that make him unique.

“Very nice Tour Guide with Haim Sabag”

We had a fantastic trip to Israel with Haim Sabag (tour guide/manager), www.israeli-tour.com
We would like to say thank you for the support that was provided to us during our stay in your country.
Your country is a fantastic place to visit and you and your team gave us very nice and unforgerable moments.
Thanks a lot.

“Haim Sabag "Israeli Tour"”

Haim Sabag from "Israeli Tour" is a great tour guide, thank you again for the amazing trip, all the arrangement was excellent, we will come back.

"Hi Haim,

I am finally getting around to thank you again for making our family trip to Israel so special. (I still have a hard time with the withdrawal symptoms from the high...:).  


As you well know, there are many tour guides to chose from, and we all felt that our choice was the best we could have made.  Your knowledge of the country, flexibility and tolerance of my family's needs were well evident and much appreciated. You were able to keep the kids interested and engaged and made it fun for them.  You managed to put together a terrific balance of: sights, activities, nature reserve, etc. including some local treats, which gave the kids a full spectrum of this beautiful country.  I have been to Israel many many time, but have never seen it the way you managed to show it to us.  I keep raving about our experience to our friends, no doubt, many of them will be very interested in your services. 


Wishing you well, drop me a line once in a while, it will be very nice to hear from you,


Shalom Velehitraot,



"Hi Haim

We are finally back home -- and have just put our exhausted kids to bed! Tomorrow is the first day of school -- oy. We wanted to thank you again for everything you did for us during out stay in Israel. I also thought you'd like to hear that Jonah started singing "Ein Gedi" in Ben Gurion Airport at 12:00 am -- it was very cute! You made quite an impression on all of us. Jonah has been saying that his favorite part of the trip was when you pushed him in the water : ) . Hope this note finds you well and enjoying some well deserved Chofesh. Know that we are thinking of you here -- and we do hope to stay in touch with you.

We miss you!

Kriegel/Butler Family (andnance@comcast.net)"


We had a great trip - thanks to you. You are a super guide. Sarah has been begging to call you all day. First it was too early, then suddenly it was too late. Saturday night, she ate dinner at a table by herself because she was sad to be leaving you.

We would love to have you (and girlfriend/fiance/niece or nephew) visit. We have an extra room with a queen size bed on a floor with its own bathroom. We also have an extra Volvo.

Everyone says hello to your girlfriend.




Dear Haim

It was an amazing experience, going through Israel with your 
guidance, service , knowledge and care. You really made our trip so 
special. Now back home we're going through Haim withdrawal. You 
navigated us with love and dedication. I know that anyone who has you 
as a guide, will be as grateful as we are. May g-d continue to 
blessya special love to the family. suzanne, cherise and jonathan barr

Suzanne Barr (grtfl2@aol.com)

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