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Special Interest Tours 

Are you looking for a unique Israel experience? Want to see a side of Israel that you’ve

never seen before? Join us on one of our Special Interest Tours where we focus on a

specific theme exploring it from different angles.

This is an excellent opportunity to get off the beaten track and see parts of Israel that a

typical tourist doesn’t get to see.


       Choose from:
  • Wine Country: Israel’s wineries and vineyards
  • Eco-Tour: Israel’s nature and ecology 
  • Art: Exploration of the country’s unique art and architecture 
  • Ancient Civilizations: Archaeology of the Land of Israel
  • Military History of the State of Israel
  • Politics & Current Events
  • Ingathering of the Diaspora: Multiculturalism in Modern Israel.

If you have an idea for a specialty tour that is not on our list, we would be happy to
build a custom tour around your specific interest or hobby. See our Tailor-Made tours.

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