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Israeli-Tour provides highly experienced and broad-minded tour guides who are licensed by the Israeli government.  Our top priority is to create a memorable and enjoyable trip for you, taking you to the most fascinating places, best restaurants, and interesting attractions for both children and adults, while ensuring your safety and comfort with our luxurious transportation.Israeli-Tour, together with our professional team, guarantees a satisfying and enriching holiday experience!


Haim Sabag
Haim Sabag.

Haim Sabag is the founder of "Israeli-Tour" a well-known tour company located in Israel.
Haim is an expert tour guide who obtained  his bachelor's degree in Israeli history and geography, and a Master's in Business Management. Since becoming a licensed tour guide in 1990, Haim has guided various types of tourists, including students, families, retirees, Hi-Tec workers, and religious pilgrims and practitioners from different backgrounds. He has led hiking and nature tours, as well as creating special itineraries for events like Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations. Haim is well-versed in Israel's rich history, diverse landscapes, religions, and wildlife, and he tailors his tours to each customer's interests. He enjoys sharing local stories to enhance the experience and foster good relations with his clients. Haim is known for his patience, friendly demeanor, good sense of humor and engaging teaching style.

Main motto:
'Live and let live - doing so with a kind heart and a good will, melt all walls and setting you free'.

Gadi Hadani

 Gadi Hadani.

Gadi is driven to provide guiding services in Israel not just by his love for the land, but also by his extensive travel experience and close interactions with people from diverse cultures. He recognizes the uniqueness of the Levant region and its significance to millions of people, owing to its multi-faceted nature and relevance to different audiences. Gadi specializes in guiding pilgrims, which is a challenging and complex entity in itself. He has successfully interacted with various tour groups to convey his message, which his main motto.

Main motto:
'Making peace beyond the conflicts that define the region, with its infinite sensitivities, starts with each and every one of us. Just give peace a chance'.


Tomer brown.

Tomer Baron.

Tomer has been consistently active for 25 years in guiding pilgrims and other groups, specializing in history and the various religions of the region. During his free time, he enjoys sports and holds certifications in various types of athletic training and education from the Wingate Institute, with a focus on water sports.

Main motto:
'Tours serve as an enriching experience for both the travelers and the guides. Traveling to various destinations around the globe can provide a unique perspective. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience this'.


Rami Waissman
Rami Waissman.

Rami has an impressive background as an Airborne Medic and Health Organization Officer in the IDF Medical Corps, where he served for 24 years and was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for his service as a medical soldier. In addition to his military experience, he earned an M.A. from Ben Gurion University and a B.Sc. from the Technion in Haifa. For the past  four years, Rami has worked as a full-time tour guide, and his love and passion for the land of Israel shine through his extensive knowledge of its scenery, archaeology, wildlife, and unique history. His responsible and service-oriented nature is a valuable asset to his clients.

Main Motto:
'When you open your mind and see things in their true entirety, you can feel a sense of appreciation and love for life itself and the beauty surrounding'.

Idan Smadar



Idan Smadar.

Idan is married to Einat, and a father to three children named Amit, Adi, and Ofer. He resides in Alfei Menashe and began working as a tour guide in 2016. With nearly 30 years of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry, he has a deep passion for taking care of people and teaching them.

Main motto:
'I love my country, and my goal is to convey my love for Israel to everyone who comes to visit'.

Avi Puritz

Avi Puritz.

Avi moved to Israel from the US in his early twenties and remains just as enthusiastic about living in the country as he was on his first day. After obtaining his MBA from Hebrew University, he worked in finance for various companies before qualifying as a tour guide in 2014. Avi loves being a tour guide and takes pleasure in showcasing everything that Israel has to offer, including religious and historical sites, archeology, and the country's diverse cultures and cuisine. Given that Israel is a complex country, Avi strives to provide his tourists with a better understanding of what life is like here.

Main motto:
'After touring with me, everyone has a fun day and comes away with a feeling that Israel is a great place to be.'
Yonatan Shlomo.

Yonatan Shlomo has been a tour guide since 2008 and started guiding private tours in 2010. He is a certified teacher and holds a first degree in archaeology. In his free time, he enjoys gardening, DIY projects, and scuba diving.

Main motto:
'listen attentively to the customers' needs and customize the tour itinerary and destination choices based on their specific interests'.
At Israeli-Tour, we are always here to assist you in any way we can. If you have any questions or need assistance with your travel plans, don't hesitate to reach out to us. And if you simply want to say  "Shalom!" and connect with our team, feel free to send us a message anytime.
We would be delighted to hear from you!


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