Guided tour in Jewish Jerusalem

·         Israel Museum, where the Dead Sea Scrolls are exhibited, and to view the Model of Jerusalem, as it used to look in the 2nd Temple period than visit the Jewish art section and the rich archeological museum. Also on display at the Museum Billie Rose Sculptures in the beautiful Art Garden.

·         Yad Vashem- the holocaust museum.

·         Continue to the Herzl Vision Museum, to witness “Herzl’s Dream”, an interactive tour though the life and times of Zionism’s founder

·         Visit the national cemetery of mount Herzl and

   Herzl Vision Museum, to witness “Herzl’s Dream”, an interactive tour though the life and   times of Zionism’s founder.

·          We’ll then proceed our guided tour in Jerusalem to holiest place in Judaism today, the Western Wall - "Kotel".  

·         Next we begin to descend through the many layers of Jerusalem’s past at the time of the Temple through the Western Wall Tunnels. Inside, a most interesting model shows the different dwelling periods and history of the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Stand on the site believed to be the nearest spot to the "Holy of Holies". 

·         We’ll then walk through the Jewish Quarter, which was reconstructed after the city was unified after the Six-Day War in 1967. A special point of interest in the restored Jewish Quarter is the "Cardo", meaning the "heart" of this ancient Byzantine City. View the unearthed main Roman thoroughfare and ancient marketplace lined with columns. 

·         Next we will enter the Old City and head for the Southern Wall Excavations.  Here we will also visit the Davidson Center, one of the most significant archeological sites in the country.   We’ll take a walk through the past with its Virtual Tour attraction

We will visit  the City of David and see the newest and exciting excavations of Jerusalem during the time of the first Temple period.

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