Guided tour in Jerusalem city of David

Walk through Jaffa gate and the main Bazar (suk) to the wailing wall, then exit the old city through the dung gate to the city of David, here we will start the visit with movie about the history of the site.  from there we will walk to the archeological ruins of the large  houses that bear witness to the high social status of the city’s residents, Warren's Shaft leading to the water tunnel that was used to transport water from the Gikhon spring. This is one of the most fascinating parts of the City of David is the tunnel of Shiloh - a 533-meter-long tunnel that was carved during the period of King Hezekiah. The other option is to walk out through the narrow dry Cananite tunnel, after that we will have a chance to explore the new tunnel leading from the city of David to the southern wall excavations.

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