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A Day in Jerusalem


Jerusalem, the ancient and storied city at the heart of the world, is a place of immense spiritual and cultural significance, where centuries of history and tradition blend seamlessly with the modern world.

From the narrow, winding streets of the Old City to the expansive views from the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem is a place of unparalleled beauty and mystery, where visitors can explore the very essence of the human experience.

With its rich tapestry of cultures, religions, and traditions, Jerusalem offers a truly unique travel experience, one that will challenge, inspire, and transform you in ways you never thought possible

Whether you seek to delve into the mysteries of the past or to discover the vibrant pulse of contemporary life, Jerusalem is a destination like no other, a place that will stay with you long after you leave its hallowed walls.


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✓   Mount of Olives with the best viewpoint of the Old City


✓    Walk along the Palm Sunday route


✓    Visit the Garden of Gethsemane and the Church of Agony


✓   Enter the Old City through the Dung Gate


✓    Visit the Western Wall (Wailing Wall)


✓     Walk along the Via Dolorosa - following the Stations of the Cross


✓     Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, site of the tomb of Jesus and the Golgotha - Calvary, where the crucifixion took place


✓      Visit the Jewish Quarter and the Roman Cardo


✓      Walk to Mount Zion, site of the Room of the Last Supper and the Tomb of King David


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Other Optional Itineraries


✓    Jerusalem and Bethlehem


✓    Jerusalem and Jericho


✓    Jerusalem and the Dead Sea


✓    Jerusalem's New City: Mahane Yehuda Market, the Israel Museum and Yad Vashem (the Holocaust Museum).


Jerusalem in one Day


A Classic Itinerary Tour of the Holy City



The tour start with  Mount of Olives, an unbeatable location to take in the scenes of the Old City of Jerusalem and the best viewpoint to give you an historical, religious, political, and current event briefing about this complicated and special city. From the Mt. of Olives Viewpoint we will drive down the Palm Sunday Road to the Garden of Gethsemane and visit the Church of Agony (Matthew 26:36-39). Crossing the Kidron valley, you will enter the Old City through the Dung Gate and visit the Western Wall (Wailing Wall). We will walk through the narrow streets taking in all of the sites and sounds of the Muslim Quarter, where we will ascend to the roof of the Austrian Hospice in order to see the skyline of the Old City. From here you will walk along the Via Delorosa - following the Stations of the Cross until you reach the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. There, you will have time to pray, to touch the stone of the Golgotha - Calvary the site of Jesus' Crucifixion, and visit the tomb of Jesus (Matthew 27:59-60). Leaving the Church, we will continue on to the Jewish Quarter, the Roman Cardo and the beautiful artisans' shopping center then to Mount Zion to visit the Last Supper room and the tomb of King David, on the way back to Tel aviv we will drive by the Knesset and the government quarter.

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