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Sea of Galilee



Welcome to the beautiful Sea of Galilee, one of the most picturesque destinations in Israel! Our day tour is the perfect way to experience the wonders of this stunning location, while learning about its rich history and cultural significance.
Join us as we explore the tranquil shores of the Sea of Galilee, taking in the breathtaking views and learning about the significant events that took place here. Our knowledgeable and friendly guides will take you on a journey through time, sharing fascinating stories and insights about this holy site
During the tour, you'll visit the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus delivered his famous Sermon on the Mount, and see the ancient city of Capernaum, where he spent much of his ministry. You'll also have the opportunity to stroll through the picturesque village of Magdala, where Mary Magdalene lived
But that's not all! Our tour also includes a relaxing boat ride on the Sea of Galilee itself, where you'll be able to take in the stunning scenery from a unique perspective. And of course, no visit to the Sea of Galilee is complete without a taste of the delicious local cuisine, so we'll be sure to stop at one of the area's famous fish restaurants for a delicious lunch
So why wait? Book your spot on our Sea of Galilee day tour today, and experience the beauty, history, and culture of one of Israel's most iconic destinations. We can't wait to show you around!
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✓ The Mount of Beatitudes: Visit the site where Jesus gave his famous Sermon on the Mount and enjoy panoramic views of the Sea of Galilee.


✓    Capernaum: Explore the ancient city where Jesus spent much of his ministry and see the ruins of the synagogue where he preached.


✓   Magdala: Stroll through the picturesque village where Mary Magdalene lived and learn about her life and legacy.


✓   Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee: Enjoy a relaxing boat ride on the tranquil waters of the Sea of Galilee and take in the stunning scenery.


✓    Local cuisine: Stop at one of the area's famous fish restaurants for a delicious lunch and sample the region's mouth-watering cuisine.


✓   Knowledgeable guides: Our friendly and knowledgeable guides will take you on a journey through time, sharing fascinating stories and insights about the history and cultural significance of the Sea of Galilee.


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Hamat Gader

A Thermal Hot Springs Resort with a Fascinating Past

Hamat Gader, Located just a short drive from the Sea of Galilee,  is a unique thermal hot springs resort that has been attracting visitors for thousands of years. Here, you can soak in the soothing hot springs and enjoy the stunning natural scenery, while learning about the history and significance of the site.

In addition to the hot springs, Hamat Gader also features a range of attractions and activities, including a crocodile farm, birdwatching park, and archaeological park. Explore the ancient ruins of the city and see the impressive Roman amphitheater, which dates back to the 3rd century CE.

If you have extra time during your day tour, consider adding a visit to Hamat Gader to your itinerary. Relax in the hot springs, learn about the history of the region, and enjoy the many attractions and activities that this unique site has to offer.


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