Top 10 Israel Port Cruise Excursions



Cruise passengers arriving at Haifa, Ashdod or Eilat port can enjoy shore excursions to Israel’s top destinations. We provide small groups day tours, private guided tours as well as one-day tailored and overnight tours.

All tours are especially designed to start from and end at the main ports of Israel:

Hifa , Ashdod and Eilat.

All our excursions are in accordance with your ship's schedule!

Make the most of your limited time in Israel, by joining a group ship-to-shore tours available every time a cruise ship docks in one of the main ports of Israel.


Explore Popular destinations in Israel, ancient sites, and the newest archaeological discoveries with our experienced licensed tour guides. Transportation will be in a comfortable vehicle with luxury vans accommodated for the Israeli climate. Your time will be full of unforgettable moments as you explore the fascinating revelations of touring the Holy Land.

Israel offers a plethora of historical and religious sites, beach resorts, natural sites, archaeological tourism, Israel has the highest number of museums per capita in the world.

A land of contrasts, where modern buildings rise above archaeological excavations, where green mountains border golden sands.

When you travel here, you personally and actively feel the pages of history unfold before of you.

Come discover a place on earth that’s like no place else!

A day tour to JERUSALEM offers a variety of different experiences in the World's Most Important Holy Places and Religious Sites ever on earth! 

Alternatively, you can explore northern Israel - THE GALILEE, GOLAN HEIGHTS & NORTHERN BOUNDARY.

visit places like NAZARETH, or the Sea of Galilee. You could even be baptized in the river Jordan. Visit the Crusader city of Acre and the sea grottoes of ROSH HANIKRA. Take a day tour to JUDEAN WILDERNESS & The DEAD SEA.

Otherwize, you can visit the Roman seaport of CAESAREA  and explore the dynamic city of TEL AVIV with its beaches, museums, street markets and fill your heart while touring the romantic old JAFFA flea market.


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