About myself

My name is Haim Sabag. I'm Israeli born and bred, I hold a bachelor's degree in Israel's History & Geography, as well as a Master in Business Management.
I am also a licensed tour guide (since 1990) and work as an official group operator of the Haifa's School of Tourism.
Since leaving the Israeli Army in 1987, I have been involved in tour guiding. During these last two decades I have gained experience with all types of tourists. I have guided students, families with young children, retirees, Hi-Tec workers, Christian pilgrims and others. I have led hiking/nature tours, Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah tours, and other special itineraries.
I take pride in my wealth of knowledge concerning all aspects of our beautiful country -- its 5000 years of history, the breathtaking landscapes, the four religions that chose this land as their home, the secret spots and the open nature with its wildlife.
You will find my instruction vivid and colorful, spiced with local stories to fit each customer's own fields of interest. Patience and good interpersonal relations are part of my character and take no special effort from me... .





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