Special Lebanese border visit with Tour Guide Eitan Oren 

Malkiya is a kibbutz in the upper part of the Galilee, within striking distance of the border.
We offer a very unique tour, by It's nature. Behind the scenes with a security specialist, that covers a variety of current issues such as:

 -Israeli high-tech agriculture      

 -literally watching the latest occurrences in the Middle East

 -witnessing the regenerating of Kibbutz.   

 an opportunity to meet with young I.D.F combat soldiers in active duty and stroll through the local agricultural orchards and vineyards right by the border.

Upon seedlings, visitors may be able to plant fruit trees near the border fence. Taste the seasonal fruits and walk through the Kibbutz, visit the bomb shelter used for the kindergarten and hear about life living near this border, together with understanding the geo political sphere in the Middle East while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the land with breath-taking outlooks and spectacular views, along with moving moments.

Here are some important updates:

The tour is intended for incoming tourism - pilgrims, families, Bar/Bat Mitzvah tours.

Language –English. Groups speaking a different language can be accompanied by a translator.

The visit is scheduled for about two hours and can included in day trips at the north parts of Israel such as Nazerath, Galilee or Golan Heights.


Kibbutz Malkiya, Route 899 / Kibbutz Yiftach Route 886


The tour can usually be held on rainy days.

Stormy or foggy conditions, however, may require cancellation of a scheduled tour.

The decision whether to cancel will be made in coordination with the tour guide/tour operator.                         

Meeting with soldiers:

An important, exciting and engaging part of out our tour is meeting with soldiers near the Lebanese border.

This tour is unpredictable and it's part of the enjoyment. Sometimes there are changes in the program due to the activities of the soldiers in the field and social distance during covid era.

An understanding of circumstantial cancellation of a planned meeting is needed. I will do all that is in my power to permit the meeting with the soldiers, in almost all conditions.

According to I.D.F policy, other then some snacks, gifting the soldiers is not allowed

Tour with a jeep OR bus/minivan :

For groups of up to six visitors, the tour will take place with an off-road jeep.

Beyond that, tour will take place with visitors' own vehicle.

It is possible to combine the tour with a ride to the Dishon River cliff canyon and its tributaries.

Looking forward to our successful partnership.

Thank you and god bless.

"And the children shall return within their borders" 


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