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Founded by Mr. Haim Sabag, Israeli  Tour is a cooperative consisting of quality and experienced tour guides.
  of your trip – he or she should have a breadth of knowledge about Israel's rich history as We believe that a guide is the most important partwell as current events and issues  .
He or she should have the experience to keep your trip on schedule but also have the ability to be flexible, best restaurants, to make it comfortable, enjoyable, to bring you to the   find enjoyable attractions for children as well as adults, and to drive you safely around the country.
Our luxury vans and cars include all the facilities to make your tour comfortable and safe.

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Organized, educational, and entertaining... the best way to see Israel! I toured Israel with a group for five days- we visited Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Tiberias, and Akko The tour was amazing! highly recommended!!!

Well organized and guided trip, we had a good guide who provided our with the context.  fantastic, very knowledgeable and friendly.

"Our guide was incredibly informative. It really helped to have an orientation to Jerusalem prior to tour so that I could absorb as much of the details as possible. The exchange at the gate to Bethlehem was a great experience in and out of itself, as was the visit to the birthplace of Christ.  Thanks a lot! "

We had such a great time. the guide was more than excellent  
and he took us to the highlights points of Jerusalem. we finished    the day at the relaxing dead sea ! we won't forget this tour!

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